General budget

Talmid ministries functions -financially speaking- solely through donations. Gifts destined for a certain project (family, student, widow etcetera) will be 100% utilized for that purpose. No part or percentage is taken off for general budget.

We regret to admit that there are some costs about mission work. The kilometres need to be driven, telephone and internet are indispensable, administration and stamps cost money, electricity and heating are expensive, etcetera.

To cover the mission work we have a budget called “general budget”. It is somewhat of an impersonal budget that we cannot really put a mark on, but it is essential in order to keep Talmid, a non-profit organisation, running. Without funding for this matter, the other mission work cannot even exist. “General Budget” is needed for all other budgets, the projects depend on this foundation.

Help us continue this work and to spread the love of God in word and deed.

Support this project stating “General Budget”: any donation is welcome.