The gypsies

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viorica muntean
robert rostas
fam Lie and Irina muntean-rostas
maria furdui thanks the Lord for the help
gypsy quarter of romos in the mud
avram makes a new axe
happy with the seeds
Kimberley and Maria Furdui
dorina and andrei
waiting on the sponsor money
waiting on the sponsor money

waiting on the sponsor money
Kimberley visits Maria and Ilie

the house of felicia rostas and her 6 children

family padure
inside of a gypsy house

horse and carridge
the meal of a gypsy family

visiting a young family
the well in the gypsy quarter
please stay
Elyssee has nothing to eat
two nieces
rostas irina in front of her house
the horse is fed as well!
How do we keep the hay dry
the street of the gipsy camp of Geoagiu after a shower of rain
a typical toilet
Maria twines a basket
the table in a house
The inside of a house
The inside of a gipsy house
The hairdresser works on the street in the camp of Geoagiu
the rear side of the house of the Radulescu family
the home of the Dudas Adam family
The formar house of the family Rostas
In the gipsy camp of Geoagiu
Maria Scoanta
There was no money left for pants!
Andronita makes a basket
Maria Hicu, a widow from Romosel
Nobody may touch my dogs! is what this gipsy boys from Geoagiu thinks