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adina vlad cl. 12 math-informatica. she wants to study for pediater
larisa stoian cl. 9 languages
iliut simon cl. 10 mechanics
rafael simedru cl. 9 forest studies
claudiu proteasu cl. 11 forest studies
oana pricajan master finances
alexandra plesa cl. 11 chemistry
darius padure cl. 9 mechanics
aurica padure management
anca nasta cl. 9 social studies
nicolae muntean cl. 9 mechanica
bianca mihaelescu cl. 11 math-informatica
alex margau master english literature
loredana maniu cl. 10 chemistry
petru lalutiu cl. 9 environmental protection
emanuel lacatus cl. 9 mechanics
robert istvan and his grandparents 2nd year transport
sunamita ilie and her family 2nd year nursing
1st year univ kinesitherapy
vasile dumitrescu and his mother cl. 11 math-informatica
fam dobran
mihaela cozmoiu and her mother cl. 11 agriculture
covaci cristina 10 th cl. chemistry
catalin cozmoiu and his grandmother ioana cl. 9 math-informatica
cioran darius and his wife gabriela 4th year ing forester
cioran gabriela and her son gabriel cl. 12
iuliu ciopa class 10 mechanics
cicioc gabriela 4th year univ. polytechnique
adrian capentala 12th year technology
alexandra buga and her family. 11th year chemistry
andreea budures and her mother. 11th year environmental protection
alexandra bosorogean and her mother. 3th year univ economics
marius blidar and his family. master ing car and transport
We have helped Relu through high school and university. Now he leads 60 volunteers in a student church. they organise all kind of christian activities. Daniela is in her 2nd year university photo-video. they married in 2011.
stuff for school
kimberley and clothilde pass out school material
kimberley and clothilde pass out school material
Cosmin studeerde af in milieubeheer en doet nu een 2 jarige masteropleiding
timar dobran, high school
timar dobran, high school
roxana marchidan
workers make school parcel
bianca nistor
andreea budures
a class in Romos, most of the children get a bus ticket from Talmid